Supportive community – SEL unit

Supportive community – SEL unit

This 4-week social and emotional unit guides your students toward finding or creating a supportive community, so they can feel safe and secure.

Increase your students’ ability to manage stress, anxiety, and depression with our holistic approach. Studies show that positive emotions are critical for your students’ academic success.

  • Age-appropriate for grades 6-12+
  • Inclusive for ALL learners including ELL and Special Ed.
  • 1 month of curriculum
  • 101 pages
  • Interactive table of contents
  • Overviews in day, week and month views
  • Positive behavior system with point trackers
  • 34 inspiring activities with Google versions
  • 14 mindfulness activities
  • 41 curated videos
  • 16 class and team builders
  • 44 writing prompts




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