Inspiring social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum for ages 12 and up

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is proven to improve academic performance, behavior and emotional well-being.

This curriculum helps learners develop skills like problem-solving, communication, advocacy and cooperation. It leads to better attitudes, self-confidence and a heightened willingness to learn and grow.

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The benefits of social and emotional learning (SEL)

Improves academic outcomes

Students academic performance improved by 11 percentile points.

Positive school culture

  • Improved classroom behavior
  • Increased ability to manage stress, anxiety and depression 
  • Better attitudes and self-confidence 
  • Less conduct issues 
  • Lowered drug use

College and career readiness

Develops skills coveted by universities, executives, and companies like problem-solving, communication, advocacy, as well as willingness to learn and grow.

Excellent investment

For every dollar spent on SEL, there is an $11 return on that investment. Read the report from Columbia University.

Families buy in

81% of parents believe that social and emotional learning is just as vital as academic lessons. Read the 2018 Social and Emotional Learning Report from McGraw-Hill Education/Morning Consult.

Globally recognized

80% of educators from 15 different countries agree that positive emotional well-being are vital for literacy, academic success, and effective communication skills.

Packed with useful features

inspiring activities with Google versions

Interactive table of contents

Overviews in day, week, month, and year views

Positive behavior system with point trackers

Mindfulness activities

Curated videos

Class builders and team builders

Writing prompts

Behavior processing activities

Over 16,000 materials downloaded. Trusted by educators, learners and families

The Azulita team was amazing to work with. They have a dedicated team with a vast knowledge of social and emotional learning skills and mindfulness as it applies to children. They worked with us to ensure that they met our needs and the outcome was perfect. Their handouts were professional, age-appropriate, and fun!
Deanna Sheedy




This form is just what I was looking for. Thank you so much!

Deb Watson


Practical and simple.

Mary A Irby



Penny Graves


Great prompts. Allowing the students to incorporate drawing is very helpful in which it allows students to be very expressive.



Good comprehension assessments


Get inspired with Azulita’s social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum

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One year of social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum – cover

One year of social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum