Transition assessment and planning




Does the transition section of the IEP give you anxiety-ridden nightmares? Want to encourage your students to set goals for themselves for their lives after graduating from high school?

This bundle is for you! Get incredible transition activities that will help your students achieve their goals and make writing their IEPs a breeze!

This packet includes:

  • 7 different informal transition assessments with different focuses for different age groups and goals
  • A menu of transition activities
  • 4 different transition related practice activities
  • 20 online quizzes to help your students explore their strengths, weaknesses and ambitions
  • A reflection page to help students get a sense of their exploration quiz results
  • Access to all pages as Google Forms to copy to your Google Classroom
  • A summary of performance data gathering page for school records and student input
  • A reflection for students when they complete a transition activity

If you have already purchased the social-emotional unit: looking to the future, the quizzes and activities in this bundle are mostly included in that curriculum, so don’t also purchase this bundle. This bundle is intended for educators and professionals who only are looking for transition assessments, activities and practices.


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