Time management skills unit

Time management skills unit

Need to progress monitor a time management or planner goal? Know your learners could make huge progress if they could just know what they have coming up and make plans to complete everything? Do we have the unit for you! Level up executive functioning skills from understanding time management, plan their time and use a planner  👍

  • 80 pages of inspiring content
  • Interactive table of contents
  • 2-week overview
  • 8 complete lesson plans
  • Flexibility for one-on-one, small group, and whole class
  • Google versions of student activities and lesson plans
  • Topics covered in this unit:
    • Understanding time management
    • Time awareness
    • Time preferences
    • Choosing a planner that works for you
    • Prioritization
    • Using prioritization methods
  • 22 student activities
  • Ideal for in person and/or remote learning 
  • Learner autonomy in crafting an awareness of time and a planner system that supports their strengths and needs




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