Katrina Glenn

Leaving your position

You’ve made the difficult decision to leave your position. Now what? 
So many questions bombard your brain. We’ll take it one step at a time. It is important to keep your decisions centered on what’s best for you. 

Courtnay Hough

Level Up Your Educator Design Skills

As a busy educator you may not have all the time in the world to devote to learning all of design, so we’re going help by going over some mistakes we often see educators make and some tips to take your design to the next level!

Katrina Glenn

Two ways to run your resource class

There are as many ways to run resource rooms as there are resource rooms! We’ve compiled two approaches from our experience here at Azulita. Hopefully, you can find some ideas that work for you in your situation.

Courtnay Hough

How to write an effective summary of performance

SOP stands for “summary of performance” and is a document that is a final summary of a student’s special education (k-12+) experience. Here’s how to write this document, so it helps your student as they make this big transition.

Courtnay Hough

Cultivating your students’ leadership skills

No matter who your learners are, you can help them to hone their leadership skills. Here are 8 fun and easy ways to help students develop strong leadership skills for the future

Katrina Glenn

12 ways to let go of a bad day

Had a roughhhhh day? Do you keep going over what happened? Want to let that bad day go and move on with your life? This is the blog for you 🙂

Courtnay Hough

Is it time for a change?

If you’re finding getting up every morning more and more challenging, it might be time for a change.

Courtnay Hough

How to run a successful IEP meeting

Even though an IEP is a great thing that helps students, we can all agree that sometimes the meetings can get pretty tense. There’s no reason that every IEP meeting needs to be this way! Here are some hot tips to help you run a successful IEP…

Katrina Glenn

Your guide to a restful sunday night

We’ve all been there: Sunday night and the extreme anxiety sets in.Here are 8 simple steps to ensure you have a restful Sunday night!