Azulita affirmations

A fun way to connect positive affirmations with your current mood.


How do I feel today?

Pick an emoji that matches how you feel today to help you with that feeling.

Repeating an affirmation

When you pick an affirmation, you will be prompted to repeat it. As you repeat it, tap the screen. Once you get to 7 times, you’ll get a star! 7 is proven to be an effective number of repetitions to center the affirmation in your thoughts.

Daily affirmations

When you are looking for a random affirmation for the day, try this. Touching the “shuffle” button will make a random affirmation appear.


This matching game will help you reframe your thoughts and feelings. It’s a good game to learn what affirmations you need when you are feeling a certain way. Pick what feels right for you, there are no “right or wrong” answers.


To favorite an affirmation, tap the heart in the upper left corner of the affirmation. If you want to remove it, simply tap the heart again.


Write in the journal to help you process your emotions and keep track of how you feel from day to day.

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