Azulita helps students and educators thrive with amazing materials and self-care resources.

We're here to help

As educators, we know your struggles.

You’re overwhelmed. Year after year you get fewer resources for your classroom and you’re expected to do more and more.

You don’t have time to make your own materials and you find it hard to justify taking time to care for yourself.

You’ve tried searching for quality materials. There’s very little made for 6th-12th graders. There’s even less that’s age appropriate for special education students.

Azulita is here to help. We make amazing materials and self-care resources that will help you and your students thrive.

Amazing materials

Your students deserve the best. We want them to have all they need, including the materials we always wished we had the time to create.

We design our materials to be straightforward, engaging and dare we say it… fun!

Furthermore, our materials will never insult your students’ intelligence. Your days of whiting out “2nd grade” on a page before you copy it are over!

Self-care resources

We’ll help you find work-life balance and lower your work related stress. We’re here for you with self-care resources including: yoga, meditation and “just press play” sub plans.