Inclusive educational materials that inspire and nurture learners

Is your school looking for inclusive, heart-led and thoughtfully designed materials for your learners? You’ve come to the right place!

Grades 6-12+

Inclusive for all learners

Learners come in all shapes and sizes. We design each and every material with your learners at heart. Try one today and see your learners’ confidence and curiosity grow!


Visual cues and word choice that support language learners.


Flexible, predictable and easy to read so all learners succeed.

Heart-led approach

You educate from the heart. We create and design from the heart. Learners respond best when they are represented, appreciated, and encouraged.

Social and emotional learning

When learners are safe to be and express themselves, that’s when the true magic can happen.


As an educator, you do SO much! We support your wellness too.


For all learners to thrive, we must all continue to learn and practice anti-racism. We can make this world a better place.

Embrace authenticity

Resources and materials to support LGBTQ+, gender neutral language, and an appreciation for all authentic identities.

Thoughtfully designed

As educators who are also designers, we know that good design can engage your learners and save your school time and energy. We design materials with the goal of being engaging, accessible and easy to use for all learners and educators.

Age Appropriate

Engaging illustrations that are age appropriate for grades 6-12+.


  • Consistent layouts
  • Consistent imagery
  • Consistent typography
  • Predictably designed for neurodiverse learners

Emphasis on readability

  • Large, legible fonts
  • High contrast
  • White space maximized


Designed so learners can create their own learning adventure, increasing engagement.

Over 21,000 materials downloaded and 15



Schools, educators, learners and families trust us

Katie Avena


This was very helpful when using with a student to teach and help with social emotional learning. He really liked what was in here.

Deb Watson


This form is just what I was looking for. Thank you so much!



Awesome 👏

Stacey Viglione


Simple and to the point. Love it.



Good comprehension assessments



Great prompts. Allowing students to incorporate drawing is very helpful in which it allows to student to be very expressive.

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